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Sunday, February 23, 2020

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 PROFound Development Process Methodology

Web Design and Development

Web site design and development is our primary service. All other services stated below offered by PROFound add value and integrate into our comprehensive full-service Web solutions.

PROFound provides effective architected Web solutions with high quality custom professional content, creative imagery, and robust underlying programming utilizing ASP.NET technology. The combination of these components makes us unique within this industry. We pride ourselves in our understanding of information technology balanced with our artistic craftsmanship and delivered with high regard for customer service. The result is your assured satisfaction in our Web design solutions and products. 

Our customized Web solutions are based completely on our clients’ unique requirements, business processes or nature of business. Whether you require a new site or the renewal of an existing one, we work with you in partnership, analyzing your business requirements, identifying opportunities, making recommendations and developing a Web presence that is exactly what you need or desire. We thoroughly communicate with you throughout the development process so you know exactly what to expect and therefore have full control over the final product. Our development process is summarized below.
In our spirit of great design and useful interactive Web solutions, we offer our INFO CONTROL PRO ( or IC PRO) technology for customers that demand the highest level of control over the content of their Web site. If you have information that is time-sensitive or needs to be up-to-date at all times, then PROFound's IC PRO technology is the solution for you! Click Here to learn More.

We charge according to the complexity and amount of work that needs to be done in order to produce your best possible Web solution. We do NOT charge by the page or individual component since we believe this to be irrelevant to your needs. Ours are complete solutions that integrate all necessary components to give you the best possible product with the highest impact and value. Therefore, once we discuss and understand exactly what needs to be done specifically for you, we provide you a proposal with an accurate and fair cost estimate. Our fees are very competitive and you can be sure you will get full value and more for your cost.
As a Canadian firm, PROFound's services are billed in Canadian Dollars. The dollar exchange rates can save you significant costs. When outsourcing Web development, choose to go near-shore rather than offshore and still retain the benefit of North American support, communication, accessibility and business knowledge.

PROFound Web site solutions may include, but are not limited to:
  • static pages i.e. the most common and usually the majority of a Web site is made up of regular static pages with information in the form of text and graphics
  • interactive pages e.g. contact forms, feedback forms, surveys, database driven Inventory lookup, self-serve information retrieval, etc.
  • animation e.g. Macromedia Flash components
  • commerce applications (E-commerce), e.g. sales, customer orders
  • Special Web applications - extension of your internal business process with Internet accessibility
  • Database driven pages – usually associated with large amounts of dynamic information
  • Password protected content

Web Site Hosting

PROFound offers hosting services to clients for whom we provide Web design and development services. Our clients are equally free to choose hosting with any other Web Hosting Provider. However, we strongly recommend that you choose PROFound to host your site. Our hosting rates are highly competitive and a much better value than most others. We offer high-bandwidth connectivity to ensure visitors to your site get quick and reliable access. Furthermore we are able to guarantee that your Web site functions fully and properly as intended and designed.

At PROFound, we do not publish a comprehensive hosting fee schedule since we offer only first-rate world class hosting service as a full value-added feature. Since our advanced solutions are developed on a robust ASP.NET technological framework, they require a compatible server environment which we can provide. You will likely find our hosting rates to be much better than you will find elsewhere.

All our Web hosting services of course include appropriate e-mail accounts and Web traffic statistical reporting.

PROFound will provide ongoing administration and support of your Web site and e-mail accounts as required.


Domain Name Registration

As part of our Web development services, PROFound also registers domain names for our clients free of charge. We can also administer and renew all domain names on an ongoing basis. We do not charge for the effort involved in bringing you this service since we consider this as value-added. We only charge the registrar fees which can be long or short term.

Web site Marketing / Promotion

Once your Web site is complete and published, PROFound will initiate an online marketing campaign to fully register your site with the major search engines and industry specific directories. This will allow for your Web site to be easily found on the Internet through keywords and subject searches. Each search engine or directory has its own specific requirements and therefore there is significant effort involved in this process. However to ensure the success of your Web presence, it is imperative that your site is found as easily as possible in the vast amounts of information on the Internet.

Equally as important, PROFound will optimize your Web site appropriately in order for it to be easily found by the various search engines. PROFound applies several techniques that makes it possible to accomplish this very important feature of your Web presence.


Web site Maintenance and Administration

We strongly recommend that you entrust the continued ongoing maintenance of your Web site to PROFound. This will ensure that it continues functioning correctly and that all elements conform to the intended standards established during its initial development. At PROFound, we do not attempt to lock a client into a pre-paid maintenance contract that often is excessive and unnecessary. We prefer to maintain and administer your Web site on an as-need basis. You can expect the same receptive, cooperative and professional approach to service as with the initial development of your site.

Logo / Business Identity

Often, the Web design process drives or inspires an organization to adopt or enhance their overall business identity or marketing strategy. Sometimes this can involve the development of a new logo or branding scheme. PROFound can help you develop these in a similar fashion as our Web design services.


PROFound (Simplified) Development Process Methodology

Our development process methodology may be summarized by the following 3 phases...
  • We gather and established all of your requirements. Once we gain an understanding of these, we proceed to recommend and design your Web solution
  • The overall visual look and layout is composed and established
  • PROFound drafts a proposal that describes the various features and structure of your Web solution along with all other relevant information. We include a full cost estimate and time schedule
  • Once approved by you, our client, we move on to evolving the design, taking into account any
    client feedback.
  • We then move on to the Development phase
  • The various pages and components of your Web site are constructed based on the Design
  • While we are building, the site is published to a temporary location, not in public view. This allows you to monitor the progress and give feedback if you wish.
  • We advise you when the site is completed, at which point it can be fully reviewed.
  • Upon approval, we move to the Testing  and Implementation Phase
  • The Web site components are published to the Web server and fully tested for proper functionality, verification and link validation.
  • Upon approval, your Web site solution goes live and becomes accessible to the general public.
NOTE : This by no means is an exhaustive description of our development process. It does however reflect a summary of the main points of our methodology. Naturally the details of our development process are driven by the complexity of your particular Web solution and requirements. Consequently, the more complex the requirements, the more detailed the various phases become. For highly advanced Web solutions, PROFound submits to our clients, a fully detailed Design Specification Document for your review and approval prior to any significant development being done on the Web solution itself.
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