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Sunday, May 31, 2020

  Developing your
Business Information
using the Web...
World Wide Web 101
Q&A: What can a Web site do for my business?
Q&A: Are Web sites just for advertising?
Q&A: Can I really increase my revenue through my Web site?
Q&A: What can do for my business?
Q&A: What if my Information changes constantly?

World Wide Web 101

The Internet is...
a transport for a number of completely separate services (E-mail, FTP, Newsgroups, Chat, DNS, etc.). But to business people, the Internet is first and foremost, "the Web" (World Wide Web service). In fact they use all the other services too, but most are now integrated into the Web browser, so all services appear to be part of the WWW service.

The Web has changed the way we do business and has become a standard necessity. Web pages have rapidly become the essential Master Communications Center. For most businesses, the Web site will never produce income directly, but will be critically important to generating revenue through established business methods.  [see below]

What does this mean to you, the business manager?
Without an effective, well designed and well promoted Web presence, your business, products or services, are not going to be considered at all. Information and services via the Web are now expected and demanded. If people cannot effectively gather the information they need BEFORE visiting your store or business enterprise, or even before picking up the phone to acquire your services, they are not going to bother. Why? Because they can get all that information from your competitors.

Increasingly, the first impression made by a business establishment is their Web presence. And so if it is not an effective impression, that will be the last impression that business will get to make at all. Speed and ease of finding information count for everything, and an amateurish, outdated, or slow Web site, or one that offers "pizzaz" instead of content will be the death of many businesses. Evolution is a harsh and unforgiving process.

The good news...
is that your company can use the Internet with just as much impact and reap just as many benefits, or more, as any famous and well established business. In fact, the World Wide Web widens the playing field and allows any business (even yours!) to communicate with its clients or customers on an equal level. The only difference is in how effective, informative, and appealing you decide to make your Web presence. To help you achieve these goals successfully, would be pleased to be your partner in every detail of developing your Web identity.


Questions & Answers (Q&A)

Q: What can a Web site do for my business?

A: You probably understand the value of print advertising, flyers, brochures, billboards, as well as television and radio ads. Perhaps your business already uses some or all of these. If you do, then you probably have discovered how expensive these forms of media can be. What’s worse is that if any part of your message requires change (and it will), you end up spending even more valuable time and money on these changes. Your previous effort is often wasted. Furthermore, you are limited in how many of your clients, or potential clients, are exposed to this information and your message is usually restricted to your immediate geographical area. But if you don’t advertise, customers will not know what your business has to offer. They may not even know you exist!

The World Wide Web, on the other hand, offers opportunities for communications unlike any other. Your Web site will allow you to communicate directly with your audience. Your Web site can inform and reflect your "business personality" while exposing your message to the entire world. Now, when you decide to update or change your information, or change the looks of its presentation, this can be done quickly and with nothing to reprint or redistribute! Best of all, your message is available to the world, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day! That's better than ultra-expensive television or radio ads! Furthermore, if your business already uses these other advertising methods, your Web site can further compliment, enhance or expand the promotion of your products or services.

Q: Are Web sites just for advertising?

A: Your Web presence is not limited to just advertising your business. You may decide to sell your products or services directly using the Internet (often referred to as E-commerce). You may also use your Web site for any or all of the following:

  • a 2-way communications vehicle where your clients can make inquires about your product or service
  • client support -- clients may want to ask questions about products they bought from you
  • you may post answers to common question which will save you from answering repetitive and time-consuming telephone calls
  • you may post value-added information or tips to compliment your product
  • you may distribute your brochures or detailed information by allowing your visitors to download these and then print them on their own computers. (A 'self-serve' section)
  • conduct surveys, request feedback
  • offer a partial or entire catalogue of products that you offer for review and pre-sales
  • the opportunities are endless
Q: Can I really increase my revenue through my Web site?

A: Yes of course you can sell products directly from your Web site. But also consider this: Studies have shown that most customers who use retailer Web sites generally still travel to stores to purchase. BUT when they get there it is to buy, not to shop. They've already used the Web site to research products, compare value and make buying decisions. Can you see the potential this implies? This trend is quite solid - people still want to buy in the presence of the physical product and talk to a real sales rep in person or on the phone. But people don't have time to go to stores to shop anymore. They can't afford to travel to stores except to buy. Shopping, research and price comparison can be done on the Internet quickly, conveniently, and at any time of day or night. And this trend is here to stay -- it's not going to go away!

So as stated before, if people cannot effectively gather the information they need using the Web before visiting your business establishment or picking up the phone to acquire your services, they are not going to bother at all. That's because they can get all this information from your competitors and their effective, informative and well-organized Web site.

Q: What can do for my business?

A: We can help you create and maintain your business identity on the Internet and help you accomplish all of the above. We focus on producing unique, creative and professional looking Web sites that best serve you - our client, and ultimately, your clients. We offer a complete range of services including Web site design and development, Internet marketing, domain name registration for new sites and the upgrading of already existing sites. You can be confident that our advice will always be based on what is best for you. Please contact us for more information.

Q: What if my Information changes constantly?

A:'s IC PRO is for You! - Update it yourself whenever you want...
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