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Sunday, July 12, 2020


IC PRO Summary

At we take pride in our unique blend of artistic craftsmanship and sound underlying programming, particularly for interactive Web solutions.  In this same spirit, we now offer our INFO CONTROL PRO (IC PRO) technology for customers that demand the highest level of control over the content of their Web site. If you have information that is time-sensitive or needs to be up-to-date at all times, then's IC PRO technology is the solution for you!  Here is how it works...

In a special secure password-protected administrative section of your Web site, you have one or more "Information Control" panels. These control panels are custom designed Web forms with content that is managed by You - the Web site owner.  Such online Web forms contain any combination of text boxes, drop-down lists, check boxes, radio buttons, or whatever is most appropriate to quickly and easily maintain or update information.  Once completed, the data becomes instantly published to specific public-accessible pages on your Web site that have been pre-designed in accordance with the overall look of the site.  The contents of the forms that you complete and save remain intact until you update them again. Your entered information is stored to a custom designed database residing on the Web server.  The stored information is then displayed on "regular pages" of your site, driven by the database. The most common use for IC PRO is to manage or update textual information.  However, you can also update graphical images, PDF files, and many other components as well. Click below for demo...
  Click here for Demo is always pleased and available to maintain your Web site so that you don't have to.  However, for some clients or specific applications, the option of a small initial investment in our IC PRO technology gives you the freedom, power and full control to quickly and easily change the contents of at least some of your Web pages as often as you need or want to!  Here are some examples of applications that potentially may benefit from our INFO CONTROL PRO technology...
  • Real Estate agents with their own sites that have a constant turn-around of properties to advertise and sell.
    technology enables you to update your list of "products" as soon as you update the information yourself.
  • Restaurant managers may want to publish their Menu on the Web and have the ability to update their offerings or prices over time as their seasonal market fluctuates.
  • Any business that wants to maintain an online inventory or price list of items or products they carry.
  • Any business selling products online.
  • Any business that wants to manage regular advertised specials, or up-to-date announcements.
  • Any organization that wishes to publish a weekly, monthly or even daily schedule of events.
  • Any dentist, doctor, or other professional that wants to publish their appointment schedule online.
  • Any organization that takes reservations and wants to manage them online.
  • Any client that requires visitor interactivity with their site.
  • Many more applications - the possibilities are endless!
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